gerrie starreveld

visual artist

walpole and john curtin gallery
walpole and john curtin gallery perth, australia 2001
second western-australia artworkshop


in the landscape there are white fences everywhere, even the graveyard looks like a kind of corral for the cattle
aboriginals, nomads, where shot down when crossing the fences.
winners and losers

sydney, in a cheap bazar i find a calender with sportsman who participated at the olympics, portrayed in all kind of sexy poses
they don't earn enough with their own work and for that reason they take jobs like this to make some money.
i placed them on a clothesline on pink pegs with an undershirt and a bra
bits and pieces

at the farmyard the farmer collects all kinds of rusty metals in different shapes, i just visited the maritime museum in freemantle where they show pieces of the dutch vessel batavia, it was shipwracked in front of the westcoast of australia
as a collection it could be anything, only because of the fact they put it in a showcase with a prescription makes it valuable
bits and pieces is a collection too, but very rusty.