gerrie starreveld

visual artist

Libre Movement
libre movement
art dans la ville, st. etienne, france, 2003

the theme of the exhibition is Libre Movement
one of the basic human rights.
everybody has the right to move around free in this world
an exhibition in a former storage space for arms and a factory for bicycles from the manufrance company,
in the past a big industry with many different products in the city of st. etienne

a bicycle in a frame, when the visitor of the exhibition starts biking the dynamo runs, instead of the light, the biker hears a poem, a so called oulipou, written by a poet from st. etienne which says; you can't stop progression.
a phrase from leonardo da vinci, saying that everbody wants to be the centre of the world and a title from a book written by marguerite duras, barrage contre le pacifique, when the biker stops biking, the sound fades away.