gerrie starreveld                           
visual artist       
  10 years  griffioen    
  celebrating 10 years running a great building for theatre performances and how to visualize all the different aspects inside and outside the building. there was a huge archive of theatre-posters. this turned out to be the point of departure for the concept. when you attache a poster with tape and remove them, there is often a tiny piece left behind. my proposal was to stretch a net around the building with lots of small pieces of plastic in it, made out of plastic bags collected by the people who worked there. on the huge glass front we made an exhibition of theatre posters used in the past 10 years. in the showcases at the entrance there where fragments of phrases written by performers in the guestbook at the dressing room and photo’s. the wardrobe was changed into 'Ad’s space of oddities'; named  after the director, with polaroid photo’s of all the co-workers, props, fragments of sound from performances and notes between co-workers written in the projectionroom. in de foyer we made an exhibition of photographs of performances produced by the griffioen.

this was the concept and this is what we made. that’s only possible when people go for it and everybody is willing to search for solutions if problems occur. the nets had to be fireproof. we couldn’t use screws or nails because of the acoustics and not in the least preparing all those nets with these colourful pieces of plastic and old gels from the lightdepartment. it worked out so well.

cultural centre Griffioen